Celebrating the Great American Bluegrass Tradition

Our Histories

Mike "Lightnin'" Lorenzo
~ Dobro ~

Michael started playing guitar at the age of 7, his early influences were The Kingston trio, The New Christy Minstrels and the early Beatles.

In his teen years he played in various Rock N' Roll bands and eventually became interested in Southern Rock.

He attended a Bluegrass festival in Capon Bridge, West Virginia and it was there that he discovered his love for Bluegrass although he still continued playing Southern Rock.

Michael played with The Crosstown Express Southern Rock and Blues Band in and around the Washington D.C. area until 2004 and eventually ended up in Maine where he discovered a very active Bluegrass community.

Michael got very involved to the point that he was playing seven nights a week, sometimes driving through blinding snowstorms just to play Bluegrass.

In 2006 he bought his first resonator guitar (Dobro) and mastered it although he continues to discover new and exciting things about the instrument. "It's a never-ending  learning experience when one plays music that they love," Michael says.

Frank Novotny
~ Guitar/Vocals~

Frank started playing guitar at age 9 listing to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams Sr.Both Country and Rock n' Roll music.

He got his first guitar from Sears, called a Silvertone acoustic guitar. He joined a Rock n' Roll band as a freshman in high school and played rhythm guitar.

He did not get into Bluegrass music until the age 38-40 and went to a Bluegrass festival at Calico ghost town and Prado Park in Chino California. He became very amazed at the sound of what musicians could do with acoustic instruments.

He has enjoyed playing Bluegrass and other genre, of music. He hopes to keep playing and picking for many years ahead.

Mike Budnie
~ Banjo~

***Stay tuned for Mike's story!!***

Barbara Moore
~ Guitar/Vocals ~

***Stay tuned for Barbara's story!!***

Jack Chromey
~ Bass ~

Jack's musical tastes are all over the map. He subscribes
to the quote from Duke Ellington “If it sounds good, it IS good.”
Jack learned some bass in his younger days, but put it aside
for many years while pursing other interests too numerous
to mention.

'One day I had a dream that I was playing bass. I woke up, reflecting
on how good it felt in the dream and went down to the basement
and took out the old Hofner'. I decided that this time I would work
in a more organized way. I managed to take lessons with the excellent
Ralph Gordon and try to understand more about music.
Jack's love of Bluegrass came from seeing the Seldom Scene many times
at the Birchmere and other venues. Their energy and talent stood out.
That lead to seeing and hearing other great bands. When the opportunity
arose to play bass with M.T. Pockets he was happy to join in.

Kim Johnson
~ Mandolin/American Flag Guitar/Vocals~

...and the Greatest Gift of all is LOVE

Ms. Kim hails from five generations of musicians spanning from her great- great-grandfather to her own children.  From her earliest visits to her grandparents’ house, she recalls being fascinated with her grandfather's music room which was filled with musical instruments of every kind.  At family dinners she could hardly wait to be excused from the table so that she could return to the music room and resume figuring out every song she could think of on every instrument at hand.  From birth when she was given her first piano, music was her oasis.

"Kimmy" was raised in a log cabin in Airmont, Virginia, where music filled the home from dawn to dusk, as her father spun the vinyl pressings of Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, Doc Watson, the Country Gentlemen and the Seldom Scene and all the bluegrass greats back to back with the gentle-hearted chansons of John Denver, Linda Ronstadt, Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge.  When the records weren't playing, Daddy was strumming guitar or banjo, weaving more of the fabric of her musical history and setting its foundation in her life.  Some of her favorite times were the ventures to the bluegrass festivals and the old schoolhouse at Lucketts, Virginia, where many a Saturday night were spent listening and dancing to that wonderful music of tradition and heart, eating chocolate cake baked by the Ladies' Auxiliary.

Over the years Kim has continued to develop and pursue her music, learning piano, saxophone, guitar, mandolin, autoharp, and training her own voice for singing.  Her performing career began in her 20s and over the years has spanned many genres of music including motown, doo-wop, rock, metal and has finally circled back around to her roots, the beloved bluegrass on which she was grazed!